Volvo lifting maximum weight

Published on Sep 06, 2014 by I am blogger

VOLVO bulldozer in the video demonstrates the impossible. With an ambition technologies but also presented by its leader we demonstrated that sometimes the laws of physics can easily be defied. In this case we have a pile of logs that must download dintrun truck and bulldozer have a leader who wants to do it all costs From a single motion.

Thus it includes the whole bunch of logs and start making maneuvers like the blansoar so that it takes over the load. When it reaches the rear wheels on the ground begins to lift loads as high center of gravity so as to transfer back.

This method is very often used in construction when we have large assemblies that need to be transported and can not be removed for it, nor is able to be handled by a crane. Keep in mind however that if you are running a more powerful brakes, all balance would be lost. So does not sit in front of a bulldozer.


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