Volkswagen’s The People’s Car Project

Published on Sep 04, 2014 by I am blogger

Volkswagen managed to surprise their customers with a new prototype car. It’s flying machine. This is for two people and can be driven easily by any person. The guide is on three axes and so the world can be set to the height to rise, that depending on the strength of the magnetic field, but can be set and where to take it. In this gyro system uses satellite map to recognize roads so it does not allow you to return to 180 degrees. From a technological standpoint this car can be named car of the future because it consumes. Road virtually consume electricity that transforms magnetic field induction. Thus bump and pollution and dependence on oil. Large states deemed to launch this project need to restore all the world’s road infrastructure. From our point of view we want this project to gain scale and such acom before all roads to be built with the ability to create induced magnetic field. Opinions are divided and producer currently maintain this prototype in testing.


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