USA EAST Big Rigs Pulling Series

Published on Sep 04, 2014 by I am blogger

An amazing race! A race of power! All these models of trucks are recognized for the strength of the engine and for their resistance. However it seems that it can make a difference between them. As proof of termination of all not to race, but some concede the engine.

With such a truck you can demolish the house using power on the engine in gear to the fullest.

Surely you marked that it’s not just a simple drag, but in addition to the weight of the vehicle reaches at least 5 tonnes, is a front blade and removal which is lowered, and the wheels are blocked, which hampers the tow.

It seems that this time the competitions are popular in the USA, due to the number of those present.

What type of competition between engines do you prefer? Motorcycles, racing cars, old cars, shunting shocks between machines, jumping, playing volleyball, towing power or speed?

Regardless of the preferred type, one thing is clear. Everyone is impressed by a powerful machine or one with a great-looking. Even the most reluctant people are moved by a motor vehicle. This is possible because the machine is an object shared by all, and when you see something out of the ordinary range of this object that you have and you think how it would be to have you such a prototype.

As proof that most videos posted are those related to machines, engines or all sorts of such machinery.

 Because man does not exceed the limit to move faster or to have greater power, uses his ability to create in order to invent machines to meet that need. If we could move with the speed of sound, and I can lift huge weights without despised (as Superman) certainly didn’t create this.


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