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Published on Sep 04, 2014 by I am blogger

Motorcycles often used by the adventurers of us have been a delight since the early appearance of the motorcycle models. The first one, which now impresses us pleasantly, with a dash of humor, but with a high customary respect, stood before the public in 1885. Those who contributed to the planning, building up and the functionality of this machine was the German engineer Gottlieb Daimler and engineer Wilhelm Maybach, who called it “Reitwagen”. This first bike witch its looks stunned many, had a wooden frame and a single cylinder engine with wooden wheels, if you believe it, metal wheels and a spring to absorb shocks. The bike worked from the first attempt, which gave courage to the inventors. And here we made ​​history later more and more surprises in this fascinating field. Common types of motorcycles today are so numerous, that definitely did not have time to get bored watching them admiring them and testing them one at a time.

The motorcycles are created and used for different purposes, but I think the main one has to produce joy of travel where you can almost feel the air passing through you, comfort and speed that you are addicted. Every model on the market, here you’ll find everything you need to accomplish your desires. So you can choose what suits you. 

The models in the video seem really fascinating, especially if you’re a lover of science fiction and the latest technology. However, no matter what your taste in models of motorcycles, it is important to choose the model that defines you and fulfill your desires best possible, that if it makes you happy.


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