Ultra Luxury Private Submarine

Published on Sep 07, 2014 by I am blogger

Probably at least once in life you have wondered what mysteries hidden beneath the seas and oceans. Or you tried to imagine what life would be beyond the surface.

             If until a while ago, it seemed difficult to reach, behold, with the advent of a luxurious private submarine can be part of an unforgettable journey. The submarine was named Migaloo, is driven by a specialized crew and provided the conditions are as expected. It has a length of about 375 m and a width of 36 m. Really impressive, but extravagant price!
Those interested can enjoy the pool, deck, bar and granite terraces. And that’s not all! Tourists have a variety of options available to relax. The furniture is obviously the latest.
Room, travelers can get in touch with a fascinating underwater world, hallucinatory, which reached a depth of more than 300 meters. At,, window “tourists will travel daring sharks, dolphins and lots of multicolored fish.
For sports lovers, there is a gym equipped with the latest devices. Besides apartments, restaurants and conference rooms can be recalled and a spa, resort to such a true attribute value.
Also traveling with Migaloo especially lovers can provide an amazing holiday in this submarine rather transformed into a luxury hotel.


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