Scarifier Bracke Forest T26

Published on Sep 06, 2014 by I am blogger

When it comes to mega machines, all become curious. In this video we find a very viable machine refurbishment and conversion of forest areas cleared their farmland. After the trees are cut down and the land is cleared of stumps and roots follow a step “back” of the soil, mixing it and also Choppers ground layer.

For this to be possible there are machines like those in the video, which in addition to “land” the earth, they work up to three feet deep and if you meets pieces of wood, roots of trees cut, crushing it.

The principle of operation is just like and hoeing machine, only this time it is executed with two furrows disposed adjacent distributing land in their center.

Combustibiulu used is diesel and power output of such a machine is equivalent to that of a tank. To see more details, please carefully mink video.


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