Russian Armed Forces 2014

Published on Sep 04, 2014 by I am blogger

Russian Army, although low in number of arms, still has among the most dangerous weapons in the world. As we can see in the video above, the Russians hold multiple varieties of weapons and equipment for war, both for attack and for defense. Since the missile d sizes and different power, sophisticated and lethal aircraft guns, various models with different power and mobile, well-equipped ships all kinds of situations, high quality subs with the latest technology, we can easy to say and to see that such a defense to such weapons are indeed taken heed and noticed that the world is not exactly a playground and that the safety of every citizen is vital for each country.

The weapons they have evolved over time and have been used in civil wars over time. It is known that among the countries that produce weapons-grade and high power is Russia as well witch its passion for lethal weapons amaze us today. It can be seen in this video as the soldiers tested these weapons in the open field or on the sea and can be observed the power to destroy all who are in these killing machines. Working in such area requires great courage and a lot of intelligence, because you need to know more than what a button or pull the trigger. It takes skill, more knowledge, strength and courage to work mostly on the ground among all these dangerous weapons. What do you say? How do you find the weapons?


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