Roll Over Monster 4×4

Published on Sep 04, 2014 by I am blogger

If you live in a town with a bad road, you’ll really want such a car. Or at least such a chassis on which to climb the machine if necessary. It’s incredible what is man! To connect a BMW transmission to the wheels of a monster truck.

The pilot full trust (surely he realized the invention) does not cancel the race, even if smoke comes out from under the hood, even if i stop the engine, do not cancel is still with the wheels on the ground. A strong confidence and determination.

I don’t know if those designs of BMW models have seen this video, but it certainly would be proud of what they have achieved and what their machine is capable. And maybe they would even be inspired by it to design such a model.

If the machine could become a regular car would be really amazing. At the push of a button, on the basis of mobile suspensions, the machine should be able to download and can be raised, thus becoming a terrain or a sleek luxury car, just at the touch of a button. But having the speed with which technology evolves it would be impossible to made such a prototype. But it is obvious that the car would increase consumption considerably, since it would be much more difficult and you will have to be in gear the engine more powerful to move the wheels and to overcome the obstacles.

With such a machine would have you not afraid of unpaved roads, never of potholes on the road or roads înnămolite. You become immune to all these obstacles we encounter along the way.

I hope this video gets to those producing the BMW brand and be inspired and motivated to design such a model.


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