Monster Bike

Published on Sep 04, 2014 by I am blogger

This bike is really shocking! I think that is the greatest motorcycle ever built in the world! Have you seen the giant wheels and huge motor that is? They say they applied to the tractor engine, but they wanted to keep as authentic presentation and form machinery. Indeed, it is impressive both in detail and in the ingenuity of those who designed it. Instead do not really realize its functionality. Maybe he wanted to be more interesting when the land should be plowed field? I do not know, but anyway, it deserves at least an award for effort and intelligence to create something unique and special in presentation and operation.

What do you think would use this giant motorcycle? We all noticed that has a great strength because it could easily go over that car, but we can’t see too much speed. Really impressive and also has an engine I liked how you place the saddle rises through a separate mechanism, but apparently anything except unique and shocking (in a nice way) by its size and functionality, I see what more could impress. It is beautifully decorated, has even applied flames look as real and yes, the wheels are large and made of durable material and impenetrable, but that be all?

 However, as everyone has his opinion, what about you? Will impress such a bike or not? What attracts you do not like it?


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