Lamborghini Veneno SOUND

Published on Sep 04, 2014 by I am blogger

Lamborghini is one of the most famous and luxurious Italian sports car brands in the world. Also there are SUVs that are owned by the Volkswagen Group and subsidiary ITS division Audi brand. This video presents a new model series, namely Lamborghini Lamborghini Veneno of 2013. It has a unique and innovative design, particularly plush both inside and out. Cuts and trimming the outer shell gives a sophisticated, rough and wild, making each public appearance red carpet scene. The esapament has four pipes, a new signaling system and the same sound harsh and threatening that you meet such cars. One thing I noticed, although I understand the point, still bothers me a little, it can not be driven anywhere, on any road because the car body level too low. It is understandable that such a machine is built specifically for speed, but looking at how the driver struggled to lower the car to give to the makeshift ramp down from that pedestal is not too high, I realized that there is easy to care for such a car, especially if it is not yours. I think it’s stressful to be constantly on guard not to scratch or break them or hit something in the car plant. However, consider that Lamborghini is indeed a car to and worth the money and certainly highlights so you never to remain unnoticed among acquaintances and strangers everywhere.
If you can afford to have a car so, congratulations!


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