Kemper concept study 2020

Published on Sep 07, 2014 by I am blogger

Each passing year in Romania agriculture seems to be made of increasingly rude. There are machines in happy cases but they are outdated and often yield zero. For example, now people prefer to use their own strength or the animals to work their land. Subsidy received from the State are becoming smaller and that because the government failed to devise projects available which attract European funds that can be oferinti peasants to make them easier work.

In the video above we are now one of the machines that can relieve work a few days a team of people.

The presentation could tell very clearly as corn cobs, after being picked, are truncated at the earth’s surface and chop with great accuracy, yielding animal feed resources necessary for their survival during the winter.

Without these tools, man is forced to cut the face of the earth wire to wire stalks and then finely chop them by hand or to give her whole animal. Thus there is a waste of both time and strength and forage resources. In other words, the yield falls, production falls and the economy goes down the drain, all because of a government incapable.


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