Extreme Trucking – Big Trucks in the world

Published on Sep 07, 2014 by I am blogger

For those who do not know, the first truck was born in 1902 in Malmo. Gradually the industry has grown increasingly and expanded throughout Europe. In 1960, the truck has gained the title of King of transport.

             Trucks are very fexibile and enable a fast and efficient road transport. They are equipped with a tilting cab and provides generally good sleeping conditions.
As size standard no one considering that they can be used for different purposes. Usually, depending on the goods transported there are a number of models of trucks, and the maximum permissible laden weight is over 3.5 tonnes. Can be tank trucks transporting liquids, gases or dust, dump trucks or atobasculanta, This type is used for the transport of goods such as sand, stone powder ground. Can be remembered: Refrigerated transport perishable goods or materials sensitive to temperature changes, ampliroll a gantry system, set. The latter is essential for the transport of goods or long range. Materials which have a variable volume and size can be transported in vans. Semi-trailer is equipped with wooden cranes needed to move logs. Surely you refer to the following material including auxiliary crane or truck for cattle.
Also, any leader who was at the wheel of such a giant must have required a special license.
Considering all these uses of giant trucks is easy to understand the benefits they bring and why man developed including national and international road infrastructure.


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