Drag racer with AWESOME SKILLS

Published on Sep 04, 2014 by I am blogger

Once again the ingenuity of Japanese or Chinese leaves us open-mouthed! Using a bike with suspension by modifying the least part, a suspension spring and a motor for Harvester (probably) has built the fastest and easy means of transport. Due to the fact that it is very easy to reach maximum speed very quickly. Of course that the pilot has an appropriate maximum 60 kg with clothing.

What is appreciated in the pilot is that it gives a tremendous courage, a rare skill and a thirst after the adrenaline rush. Or, simply does not care about his life. Its equipment is very hard to find and it protects very well. It consists of a pair of shorts, a pair of șlapi and a soft helmet made of his hair.

What is interesting is that the left one seems to take time, but it seems however that the competitor starts somewhere behind the starting line. It can be a race based on: who’s going to most in a wheel.

It is worth noting the position of the pilot, the way that becomes one with the engine, but  chose how retains the balance with the right foot touching the ground. This seems to be the most dangerous because he can twist his leg and may encounter something down the road that it can hit.

Surely all would like such a fast means of transportation can be easily parked, with a small, but not all think that he would venture so soon as this guy in to steer such a motor, especially since we don’t know how good is the braking system. At such speed, you need good brakes.

You have the courage to pilot this? If not, you should appreciate the bravery showed.


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