The most difficult and dangerous road

Published on Sep 04, 2014 by I am blogger

When a truck driver is called professional driver means that he has to deal with professionalism every thing you do when you drive. In the pictures above we presented a truck whose driver maneuver indescribable and we prove that in order to drive a truck you need a lot of courage.

Maneuvers that make them very dangerous and every move he makes wrong can lead to great material pieredere or not the loss of a life. The route shown is a mountain without a good infrastructure and is not safe to transport so large tonnage.

Load is distributed pencil to keep in balance the vehicle and is centered on the two rear axles to the chassis and safety conferii all at once.

At any time it is possible that load to come over to the cockpit which it could be fatal. Professionalism that proves this driver last us stunned and hope to impress us just as we were impressed.


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