Cruise Ship In Storm Almost Tips Over

Published on Sep 07, 2014 by I am blogger

A sinking ship is surprised as in front of the cameras. This occurred because the ferry hit an accumulation of stones and rocks. Sewol immediately sent a distress signal, but the accident could not be avoided. The ship had about 6,852 tons.

             The tragedy took place in South Korea, passengers going on holiday on an island. According to sources, have been identified in about 4 dead, 55 were injured and 295 were reported missing.
To the passengers, including teachers and children intervened and several helicopter crews. They joined including Coast Guard vessels, marine vessels and military looked even possible victims swirling waters
It is assumed that the ship was about 480 people, who were not expected to go through this unfortunate event. Of these 300 were children. Currently conflicting reports on the number of passengers.
Following this disaster, a young 20-year-old was killed and a man died in hospital.
The only conclusion we can draw here is that although shipping seems much safer than other means of transport, this myth was shattered, remains the most tragic accident in 1912 when Titanic sank roughly similar reasons.


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