Crazy Unloading

Published on Sep 07, 2014 by I am blogger

Again Russians have shown us that are not very well at thinking. They tried hard to find a way to get off a car dintrun truck. Not much we were surprised to find that they have not found another solution than to use two wooden beams undersized in relation to the weight of the car.

The difficult part came when stepped beside gravity and acceleration results when an object sliding on an inclined plane and thus the force with which the car acted on wooden beams almost doubled.

As the car slid beams gave way and the car was very badly damaged. The idea is that you never have to improvise until you’re sure that it will work, because then you risk going to cost you more than you would have cost if you had used a professional team.

Russians are among the most creative people, this is good if you miss at least 10% of them would think better.


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