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Look at these trucks and their tricks! These men are really impressive by having this kind of dangerous but fun job. I don’t know if is for money, fame or adrenaline rush, but they are doing a spectacular job! You can see this just by looking at the crowds.They all look very impressed by these gifted men that showed us they can do many more things with a truck than we all know it can be done. If you like this genre of shows, I know you’ll say this it’s like watching a piece of art.

            The drivers are very courageous and they show much self confidence when they’re driving those monster trucks. They also need skills and much knowledge about what are the strengths and weaknesses of the truck they’re driving for having success in processing the trick in front of the crowds. Let’s take as example the truck driver Franco Medici. He succeeded to put this huge truck to move just on the left side! What an incredible show! I consider this a real talent not only because he has a lot of courage, balance and self confidance, but because he also needs a little bit of madness and intelligence to put this very heavy truck to do such incredible trick!

            Well, I don’t know if Franco Medici is married, but I bet that every wife of these drivers that watch or not the show are very stressed about having their husband in their home hole and alive at the end of the day. This job may be fun for the husbands, but I believe the wives think that isn’t fun for everyone to watch this genre of shows- at least for them.

            What do you think about this job? Would you have the courage to do such things?

Would you consider it too dangerous? But if is really well payed, do you think is worth it to give it a try?


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