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Published on Sep 04, 2014 by I am blogger

We should admit that the guy in the picture is quite inventive. I mean, I suppose he likes a lot of Harley motorcycles, but at the same time he wants to be in safety, having a much greater stability on three wheels. This is apparent after the drum and the sound they produce when engine is in gear. It is obvious that wishes to stand out because of record to test even in full traffic and longer and filmed by his friends. It is clear that it will be able to draw attention to the noise, but I don’t know how much the speed, because having three wheels the force of friction is greater, and the corners are much more difficult to achieve and requires a fairly large reduction in speed. It is amazing and appreciated if all else is the one who built it and not just comes out highlighting the work of another. Anyone can drive a motor tricycle. It is true that not everyone will afford such an engine, especially if you judge his size. This is really impressive. It’s almost as much as a car. This is all the more impressive because it is allowed to run on public streets with him and is not just a prototype of the collection. Know that I am a huge engines, but who do not have approval to circulate on the streets. But this prototype, as you can see has a huge engine, most likely in V. At first appearance very much. It is impressive, a design as if it came from the future, and would be ready to fly at any time. But I think that it is quite difficult to drive because of its length. With regard to the rims, we cannot avoid but be envious.

For who is fond of imposing size and noise of the engine the engine is ideal.


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