BMW S1000RR X CBR1000 Repsol

Published on Sep 07, 2014 by I am blogger

In the video above we presents a comparison of the speed and power between two BMW S1000RR engine with a displacement of 999 cc and a power output of 193 hp at an engine with a displacement Honda CBR identical but with 181 hp.

Reliability engines produced in Germany is much better but the Honda not to be outdone thus trying to establish itself among the top major manufacturers. If we are happy for a higher speed, a better starter, or why not a spectacular hull must keep in mind however and reliability.

Whatever the result of the comparison made ​​above can only say that I will always choose BMW datoritata dad who punched the evidence on market for so many years and the quality of materials used in building these engines. I say that Honda has worked on reliability and invest more in production engineering calculations accurate.


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