Best Burnout EVER

Published on Sep 04, 2014 by I am blogger

Wow! What impressive drift! For fans of strong sensations, this demonstration is really captivating and almost challenges you and you try to do something similar with your motorcycle, to see if it works and you such a scheme … I hope still thinking twice if you passed through the filter so your mind and do not forget that your safety and those around you is the first. These guys in the video look professional and experienced in the field and they look to have fun as well! Motorcycle owner seems to have confidence in his friends who support and encourage you in this exciting and dangerous demonstration. And behold, their help proved to be very useful! He managed to get the most impressive up now! The wheel end from making a lot of smoke and a warm up beyond measure, to get really light, making an impressive image along the drift. All of the videos seem excited and amazed by what they have accomplished the three, following a long line of amazing pictures and video of the moment carried by the three. I wonder if they have made ​​a plan to achieve some targets new tricks with your bike. Indeed, all of the movie were amazed by this performance, even the engine owner is proud of his achievement.

It seems that before it could ignite the wheel, the tire must be very hot, therefore the two have joined forces and pushed the bike to stand still and warm rear wheel resulting smoke thicken as they warmed rubber. When they arrived at necessary could accomplish much appreciated trick with fire. Not fared so well? You have had the courage to do that?


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