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Published on Sep 04, 2014 by I am blogger

We all know that tractors are built to lessen the physical effort of people to work the land and harvest the fruit. People who have dealt with the cultivation of land were exhausted from working in the field and restricted in doing other household chores. Usually this kind of work were subjected to men.Even when using the plow is used usually an animal, horse or ox, exhausting and hard work was all done. For this reason people have sought over time all sorts of inventions that can ease their work in the fields. We all know that farming is a grueling job and wants to get as much performance as soon as possible on a larger area. Here’s why people over the centuries have been thought to develop performance in this field. So the inventor of the world’s first tractor was Richard Trevithick who created in 1812 the first ‘semi-portable’ stationary steam engine that was used for the sole purpose, agriculture, known as the “engine barn.” Then, from time to time people came to build machines that we encounter often in fields of our country. There are so many types and models of tractors and equipment used in the agricultural industry, that do not even know where to start and where to look.

The guys in this movie want to test the power of speed that can reach such a tractor, pulling back another tractor 4500 kg. Indeed, the changes that it has suffered are obvious exhaust pipes and engine changed completely, brings performance to carry a heavy weight in a really short time.

What these people have done is truly impressive, and maybe their invention could be used in agriculture. I fear instead of pollution they produce. What do you think?


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