Although in the world exists many dance styles, not everyone is passionate of this art. However we all look at performances and dance competitions, or if not, at least at the stage comedy clips from weddings and other events where the dance ends with a strong fall. For those passionate about dance or just dance fans we have created this window in which you can admire all kinds of dances, where you may find new styles or simply can laugh of the funny accidents during the dance or the beginners who are filming dance. Dance is an art that helps you relax and detach yourselves from everything around us. When you dance, you have to let yourselves being leaded by the song, to let the rhythm to get into your and give free rein to express yourselves through body movements of the legs, arms and especially of the body, all of which leading listening. Many people confess that dancing is their life. Through the dance they get to experience a state of freedom, joy, clearance. They feel like entering into a story that ends with the end of the song. They are part of all this only when they dance. You maybe can’t understand dancing, but you may at least admire the multitude of styles and crowds dancing in different styles or even in your own style. Dance is for all ages and all nations. It is an art found in all countries. Because of the music, any song, any music has a certain rhythm. Therefore expect to access this box to watch the multitude of styles and inventive dancer’s movements witch they perform.