This page is designed for all lovers of engines, machinery and all that means horsepower. We all use our cars to move or to do other things, all in order to make our lives easier. But some people have managed to do other things most unusual, or have come to operate at full capacity equipments and machines of all kinds. We like to admire a beautiful car that impresses us with speed, shape, convenience and novelty of it, but especially to let us be caught by a very special car, built for a different and innovative purpose, much greater than usual . Many of these machines and engines will surprise you in this way. There is nothing more exciting than to see how the ingenuity of man or more people can transform a simple machine in a machine with stunning performance. All oddities, all news in this area you will find here. Some of these machines will impress you with their extraordinary capabilities to lift, to carry, to travel, and to help the environment and improve farm inputs. Of course, you will not only find news from the land engines, but also in the world of aircraft or ships. The happenings you’ll find here will sure fascinate and satisfy all your curiosities in this area. On top of that, you can follow and how some cars, boats or equipment are completely destroyed in a few seconds due to natural disasters or due to negligence and lack of training of those in charge. For those interested in engineering, machinery of all kinds, power, operation and performance, this box was built especially for you.

Women Driving Fails

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Shortest runway in the world!

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T-35 zaezd to tral

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Excavator Removing Gum Tree

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