In this section you will find the most interesting, unexpected and fascinating things about animals. In this category you will see many videos of strange and unbelievable behavior of many of these speechless creatures. Here you can meet the most ferocious beasts to the most frail and innocent creatures that will shock you or tear you up. Images captured in these videos are charming and full of emotions. You'll witness one of nature's wonders both savage and domestic environment where these fantastic creatures unleash their nature and imagination. You can’t stay in front of these images without answering emotions caused by these wonderful animals surprising. Certainly, some will seem shocking and wild, others full of fun, full of suspense or other trust, but all of you will find it interesting at least. You see them as you can tell. If you had ever wondered how to collect venom or how to tame the most dangerous animals or how animals relate to each other, here is the place where you can watch them. Although is not comparable to a visit to their natural habitat, however, you can find out more about animals just watching these short videos. Besides that, you can admire the beauty of animals which have not been met, these shots can even study their unusual parts of behavior. Animals are known to most of us as beings that have been created for people’s company and to make their life on earth easier, but do we need to know only these things about them? Are not many other things that we can learn from these beings? We invite you to attend every movie in part because they are all fascinating and full of suspense.